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International Federation Of Fly Fishers
Charter Club for the Tallahassee Florida Area

Local Links

Gulf Coast Fly Fishing Clubs

Red Stick Fly Fishers – Baton Rouge
Texas FlyFishers - Houston
Tampa Bay Flyfishing Club

Regional and National Associations

Southern Council Federation of Flyfishers
represents flyfishing clubs located in Arkansas, Kansas, western Louisiana, Missouri, southeastern Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.

The Federation of Fly Fishers is a national organization.  The FBBF is a charter member club.

Trout Unlimited is devoted to coldwater fisheries and conservation of watersheds.

Florida Government Sites

The Florida Marine Research Institute has all sorts of interesting information about the marine environment and fisheries.  Check here for updates on the status of red tides.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has information on marine resources, fisheries and fishing regulations.

Federal Government Sites

Many of the U.S. National Parks have beautiful fisheries, explore them on this site.

The U.S. National Forests are a great place to fish, information is accessible on this site.

General Fly Fishing Sites

If you are thinking about buying a fly rod, reel, etc… Outdoor Review is a great place to get worthwhile opinions on gear.

Reel-Time the International Journal of Salt Water Fly Fishing

The Flyfishing Forum is a community of fly-fishers dedicated to sharing knowledge & experience, protecting resources and promoting angling enjoyment world-wide. 

General Fishing Sites

Cyberangler.com is a big commercial site with a lot of content and nation-wide coverage.